The Future of Online Selling

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Multi-Vendor Site Owners MUST DO Daily Routine:

  1. Handle Customer Complaints
  2. Response to chargeback requests
  3. Handle Fraudulent Transections
  4. Answer to Vendors for marketplace issues/complaints
  5. Investigate dispute between vendor and buyer
  6. Investigate delivery disputes
  7. Lot of other staff

Multi-Retailer Site Owners MUST DO Daily Routine:

  1. Check how much more retailers joined and How much earning he got.
  2. Watch TV or Play Soccer or Spend their earnings!
First Multi Retailer market


where shopper buy Lego from Shopping Mall like wal-mart or ebay.


like shoppers buying Lego from Lego Shop and pay at Lego Shop

Retailers display their products for shoppers to compare and have the benefit of options

First Multi Retailer products

But shoppers buy and pays directly to the Retailers just like we do in Shopping Malls!

Why Online Businesses should sell their products at your platfrom when they have their own online shop?
Why they should let you take payment when they can do it by themselves?
Why would they need a middle man to sell their products when they can do their own?
Retailers who has their own shop still get the benefit of having their products in a Marketplace.
Retailer takes order and receive payment using their own system, means no payment related drama (e.g chargebacks, fraud) for Marketplace owner!
You will create a Virtual Shopping Mall and earn rent as if you own a real shopping mall. 
This is the future of Online Selling!
First Multi Retailer answers
No. But you can easily get free license on this site. We’ve made it to protect Your clients and Your information.
Free license has no terms. You don’t need to pay anything. But paid license gives You and Your clients additional opportunities and accomodation.
Your site will operate under a free license. Accordingly, certain options will not be available to You and Your clients.
No. While getting the license, you indicate the URL of the site, the license will work with. It will not work with another one. But having paid license, you can change the URL of the site in private office on this site and use the plugin with  this license with this site.
Yes, but for client sites based on WordPress / Woocommerce, we have developed several very handy tools that greatly simplify the work. We’ve also created several modules to automate work with sites built on the basis of Shopify. Look for detailed information about this on this site.

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